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In School Social Dance Program
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Proudly presenting OUD Dance Festival/Competition 2023!
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The Program

Having socio-emotional skills can be the deciding factor of getting the job or not. As we go through the educational system, these essential skills sometimes fall between the cracks. While partner dancing is the obvious skill practice of our social dance program, the transferable skills cultivated are healthy social interaction, good manners and etiquette, teamwork, self-correction, communication, learning techniques, and much more. OUD is proudly using the techniques of Marco Sariñana with Part of the Journey Learning Foundation. These learning techniques have been used in LAUSD schools for more than a decade through amazing programs such as Best Foot Forward. Now, OUD is expanding this program so be sure to check in for available slots. 


The program is now available for 3rd grade and up and is organized into 30 lessons. We’ll learn four different dances per grade such as merengue, salsa, swing, waltz, foxtrot, and more. To practice the essential life skill of how to "shine under pressure," the students are encouraged to perform at school events and engage in competition at the end of the year. Unlike any dance programs, the students actually learn to lead and follow so they can improvise beyond a given choreography. 


A little sample from our  competition 2022!

Last year, we had to adjust to the limits of social distancing most of the year, but regardless, the students did a fantastic job! 


Jodi Harrison,
Previous principal at Stanley Mosk elementary.

I highly endorse Paulina Vallin's Ballroom Dance Program.  During my tenure as principal at a Title 1 school, I was fortunate to have Paulina Vallin teach my fourth and fifth grade students ballroom dance for the 2018-2019 school year as well as most of the 2019-2020 school year. Paulina developed strong, positive relationships while teaching a rigorous and well-structured program. The program focused on teaching students to be proficient dancers while learning skills for navigating society as a positive, contributing citizen. Our students flourished under her guidance and program.  

Marco Sariñana,
Founder of the Part of the Journey learning technique 

One of the greatest challenges when looking for people to work with children is finding people who’s communication and classroom management match the love that they have for the students they are servicing.  In addition, finding someone who is a highly skilled dancer but also has a matching ability to communicate well and to teach is even more rare. Paulina Vallin is a unique balance of all of these elements and her students will benefit from her experience not only as a dancer but also as a human being.  

Andrea Ferber,
Principal at Pomelo Community Charter and Arts & Science Magnet 

Ballroom dance nurtures a student’s ability to shine in a totally new and positive way, inspiring a love for culture and humanity.

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